Your NFC – October 25, 2013

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Ministry Happens…Behind the Scenes

by Sherry Macy

You might be one of the many unseen volunteers who faithfully enrich our NFC community. Every so often we want to make a few of you (at a time) more seen, even though you clearly do not ask for this attention. It’s simply a way of expressing appreciation and letting others know what happens “behind the scenes.”

For example, do you know how many years Jerry Carr has distributed then gathered all of the Sunday school attendance folders and entered the information into a notebook? Since the late 1960s. That’s a lot of Sundays! He and Yvonne spend their winters in Arizona now, but when they’re in Newberg, Jerry is back at his post and on the job.

Speaking of attendance, have you ever noticed Derrol Hockett, Karen Angus, Barb Mann (first service), Larry Haverman, Hub Mardock, or Clyde Thomas (second service) unobtrusively walking through the back of the sanctuary/balcony just before the message? They are counting heads (normally one per person) for our attendance records, required for yearly meeting statistics. Most of the aforenamed head counters are part of the team, which also includes John Hampton and Kasey Fish, who prepare the offering to be counted.

Speaking of the offering, our head ushers—Larry Haverman, Hub Mardock, Gary Brown, Derrol Hockett—faithfully recruit a team to stand at the back of the sanctuary, ready to pass the plates each Sunday morning.

Speaking of the sanctuary, you might be interested to know that Lisa Nauman (along with Elli and Nate when they’re not in school) checks for events on the church calendar each week to assess when it will be most efficient to do her volunteer assignment of “refreshing” the sanctuary. She does a thorough sweep through all the pews to remove left-behind worship sheets, crumpled tissues, and paper airplanes and replenishes community cards, offering envelopes, and pens. She finishes with an often-rainy walk to the recycle bin. Then we don’t want to leave out Dave Woolsey, who takes it upon himself to walk the pew rows between services to make things presentable for those just arriving.

Speaking of just arriving, if you come through the same entrance every Sunday morning, you’ve become well acquainted with the one (or ones) who greets you at the door. But greeters stand at each entrance, ready to offer a “good morning” and hold the door open. These faithful ones include: Mark Martin, Sam and Dorothy Farmer, Maribeth Hampton, Terri Bowen, June and Gary Brown. You might be handed a worship sheet by Sharon Hubbell, Charles or Jean Hanson, or Ann Howe.

While we’re focusing on what happens in the sanctuary, we want to acknowledge those in the role of mic carrier during open worship on Sunday mornings: Mark Thompson, Gary Brown, Gary and Carol Hankins. And there’s a short list of trained sound technicians, but these are the ones currently on the rotation for Sunday morning services, overseen by Alan Akins: Les Comfort, Paul Worden, and Alan (of course). I wasn’t asked to include this, but since this article is about volunteers, I’ll volunteer this appeal for tech-minded individuals to step forward to become part of the NFC audio technicians guild. It would bring great joy to Alan’s heart to be able to broaden the Sunday-morning rotation. You could then become part of our mighty list of un- or mostly unseen volunteers who make things hum around NFC.

Click HERE to read the entire October 25, 2013 issue.

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