Your NFC – October 24, 2014

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by Steve Fawver

Smoke rising, marshmallows roasting, conversation flowing, stars shining… What a gift!

Just a month ago I had the joy of being out at Men’s Retreat at Twin Rocks Friends Camp. This weekend event has been totally overhauled, and six NFCers scouted it out to see if it is an opportunity worth pursuing in the
future. I can safely say that our clear response is “Yes!” We had the opportunity to sit around the fire, cook breakfast in the outdoors (yes, there was bacon), enjoy time in the sun on the beach, and join other men in worship and teaching mid-morning and evening. James chapter 1 was the focus as we were invited to “ask for wisdom and God will give it generously” (v. 5). This message has been echoing in my mind and heart over the weeks since then, and I have found myself seeking the wisdom of God in specific ways at specific times. God has been faithful. God loves to share insights, direction, perspective, and counsel to those who ask. I hope to continue to not live out of my own pool of wisdom but instead to swim more often in the ocean of God’s wisdom.

This weekend away exceeded expectations; it was well worth the effort. God is up to something new and it was a blessing to participate in this retreat.

IMG_7676I plan to attend next year! The fire will glow, the paddleboards will float, and laughter will abound. I won’t be surprised if Ron Hampton, Hutch Hutchinson, Pete Snow, Jeff McDonough, and Karl Birky extend an invitation to other men to join us in September 2015.

By the way, did I mention the bacon?

Click HERE to read the entire October 24, 2014 issue.

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