Your NFC – May 9, 2014

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by Angel Diaz pastor, La Iglesia Evangelica Los Amigos

by Angel Diaz
pastor, La Iglesia Evangelica Los Amigos

We continue extending our ministry to McMinnville, Dundee, Lafayette, and Saint Paul through family worship during the week. And we want to establish family groups based in Salem, which we hope will eventually become a large Hispanic church—“Friends of Christ.” The base of operations remains in the Evangelical Hispanic Friends Church in Newberg, with the logistical support (building and vans) of Newberg Friends Church, our beloved Anglo church. We maintain fraternal relations with West Chehalem Friends Church, where for more than ten years we have held our “Easter Sunrise Service” (Dia de Resurrección), which includes a two-hour fire service beginning at 5:30 a.m., followed by a huge continental breakfast. This year we enjoyed the most beautiful morning we’ve ever had; the bright sun lit the sky like never before!DSC00996EASTER SUNDAY -- 2014 014 -- Dig in_resized

In 2007 we became an independent ministry financially, though we continue to receive the support and understanding of NFC. In gratitude for this gesture, each family of the Spanish church now takes a monthly turn to keep the Friends Center building clean and neat. Also, Hispanic brothers share the responsibility of maintaining the landscape surrounding the Friends Center.

Every Friday and Saturday from October to May we play volleyball and basketball in the Friends Center gym. During the past two summers we have traveled as a church family to Twin Rocks, Tilikum, and Seaside. Last year we served a meal to honor the NFC congregation, and we hope you enjoyed it. The Spanish church wants to do it again this year, for we desire to devote at least one day a year to physically coexist with all NFC members and attendees.

DSC01015I know we can’t all be together in one building every day or every Sunday, but through our bond as Christians we can also be linked to those living in Japan, Russia, China, Venezuela, and Mexico. True unity is spiritual, recognizing that we exist and that we accept each other with love and mutual respect for our racial, social, and cultural differences. We have one purpose: Preach the gospel everywhere! God bless you.

Click HERE to read the entire May 9, 2014 issue.

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