Your NFC – March 11, 2016

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Going with God

by Linda Byrd

by Linda Byrd

Have you ever invited God to go along with you for a day trip, vacation, or overseas adventure? If you’ve had the privilege of traveling for international missions, no doubt inviting God to go with you has been a key prayer focus of the trip. There’s something comforting about acknowledging God’s presence while driving, flying, walking, or serving in unfamiliar territory.

Twelve years ago, God changed up this equation for me. Instead of my plans and itinerary, he began leading the way. It wasn’t one drastic event, and it certainly hasn’t been a once-and-done scenario. But I’ve learned life becomes an even greater adventure as I “leave the driving to us”—Father, Son, Holy Spirit. He’s blessed me with the privilege of living and serving full time in Jamaica and Panama, along with shorter trips to the Netherlands, Trinidad, Costa Rica, Mexico, Croatia, and Slovenia. Definitely far more than I could have imagined by myself.

Recently, having a ministry that I thought was a perfect fit for me be discontinued, my position eliminated, threw me off course temporarily. But not for long. God had new things in store. I was referred to another missions organization and began exploring options. In the process of applying for full time, I received a short-term opportunities flyer and wondered if it was a possible stepping stone.

I didn’t know the application deadline had passed or that one spot was not yet filled. However, another missionary spoke with one of the team members, who welcomed the idea of my joining the team. With blessings, I applied and was accepted. God has repeatedly confirmed this is his trip—prayer team members, provision of funds, immunizations, visa, travel plans, and many additional details.

Next Friday, accompanied by the assurance God is with me, I will fly to Cameroon, West Africa, for two weeks. I’ll meet up with a team and assist with the children’s program for a missionary retreat. We’ll be working with children from a variety of nationalities and languages who are living cross-culturally so their parents can bring God’s word to some of Cameroon’s 280 language groups in their heart language. I anticipate being more of a learner than a teacher as these Third Culture Kids (TCKs) share their unique perspective.

I welcome your prayers as I go with God now and into an as yet unknown future for:

  • Traveling safety, health, stamina, and endurance in the heat and humidity;
  • Wisdom and discernment in working with these TCKs;
  • Encouraging and supporting missionary families and national co-workers;
  • Healthy relationships with fellow team members as we serve together;
  • Clarity regarding next steps and “fit” within this missions organization.

Recently, a pivotal quote in my journey of going with God resurfaced. As you go with God, consider: “The question is not ‘Where does God fit into the story of my life?’ but ‘Where does my life fit into the story of God’s mission?’”Christopher J.H. Wright

Click HERE to read the entire March 11, 2016 issue.

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