Your NFC – June 3, 2016

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by Cindy Johnson senior ministries

by Cindy Johnson
senior ministries

We all know the saying “It takes a village to raise a child.” It takes a village to help and care for the older generation too.

When an NFC attender needed to move out of state to live with family due to health reasons, several people in our congregation assisted her with packing for the move, fixing her home up to sell, which included removing old cabinets and installing new ones.

Another attender thought he and his wife needed to move because he was having difficulty getting in and out of his home. A Sunday school class was ready to move them to a new residence, but instead built a wheelchair ramp, and they were able to stay in their home.

Another attender needed to move into assisted living at Friendsview, and since she didn’t have any family in the area I put out a request for help. Many NFCers responded, asking “What can I do?” Together we shared the labor of the move.

These are not always easy tasks, and they take time away from other responsibilities. But when “the village” put in a few hours here and there, these tasks were accomplished by folks living out God’s love with those in need. They may or may not have known those they helped, but they helped because they heard about the need and just wanted to help.

We are God’s hands and feet. We may be exhausted at the end of our work, but we walk away blessed to be used in this way. I sure do!

Not one of those who help expects praise or thanks. But I’d like to offer this shout out to a few who helped: Bob Hampton, Larry Hampton, Karl Birky, Doug Bartlett, Duane Comfort, Howard Harmon, Agape Sunday school class. Thank you, and thanks to those unnamed helpers. Thank you for doing things behind the scenes. We are blessed by the Lord because we have blessed others.

Click HERE to read the entire June 3, 2016 issue.

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