Your NFC – July 3, 2015

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by Nolan Staples worship ministries

by Nolan Staples
worship ministries

I’ve been thinking about grace. Presently, I get to think about grace for myself as I struggle with the writing process! (Fortunately my value is not in my level of comfort as a writer.) It’s great how the unbelievable gift of God’s grace can come into play for something as silly and small as my writing troubles while at the same time be this huge, beautiful, outpouring of love that allows us to be in relationship with God and with one another. It’s amazing!

A friend of mine recently did some word art for me after I sent her a phrase from Nathan Foster’s book that had been rattling around in my head: “I desire to move with the rhythms of your grace.” Now I have this beautiful reminder on my desk, helping me to center and tune in with God’s rhythms.

I’m a music guy, so it’s been fun to think about what it could mean to “move with the rhythms of God’s grace.” In music, it is rhythm that gives context to the sounds being made. Without rhythm, it becomes very difficult for musicians to play together. The rhythm provides a structure for musicians to understand each other and put their own musical ideas together to create a cohesive and beautiful sound. With rhythm guiding the music, it’s possible for many different instrumentalists to come together and play all kinds of different sounds without the sounds clashing in unorganized chaos.

DSCN1505Isn’t this also kind of like community? Each one of us has a different voice, and it’s the rhythms of grace that allow us to be together without sounding like sixth-graders blowing through their instruments on the first day of band class. The beauty of us being together as community is that we are all so different, and with God’s grace and love guiding us, our unique voices can blend into harmony. If we can focus on God’s rhythms, we can move, groove, dance, and sing the music of Christ-centered community together. Let’s keep showing each other how to move with the rhythms of God’s grace.

Click HERE to read the entire July 3, 2015 issue.

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