Your NFC – July 12, 2013

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by Barbara Morse with Wycliffe Bible  Translators

by Barbara Morse
with Wycliffe Bible

 What does a member of Wycliffe Bible Translators do? If answering that question brings up pictures of a linguist living and working in an isolated part of the world, struggling to express the message of Scripture in a previously unwritten language, that would be correct for a lot of members. In my case, at the present time, that image needs to be altered. As a Wycliffe member now past retirement age, I’ve qualified for “reduced assignment,” which means I work part time. Because of the nature of one of my special assignments, my job location can be almost anywhere, as long as I have my laptop computer with me. My goal: to get the word out to pastors of Hispanic churches in the US and Canada about some valuable resources available on a website called Scripture Earth.

 Why would these pastors be interested? On the Scripture Earth website it is possible to find and download Scripture in around 300 languages of Latin America, including languages spoken by many who help make up the congregations of Hispanic churches north of the border. For example, a translator who worked with a certain dialect of Zapotec spoken in southern Mexico reports that about a thousand speakers of that language live in one area of Los Angeles and are part of a large Hispanic church there.

 On the Scripture Earth website, it is possible for a speaker of that language to:
  • download and print the entire New Testament or any book of it
  • listen to and/or download a recording of the New Testament
  • listen to translated portions of the Old Testament
  • download the audio New Testament to a cell phone
  • click on a link to enable them to purchase a copy of the New Testament at
    a reasonable cost
  • click on another link to view the Jesus Film in the language
  • link to a website in order to purchase a DVD or CD of the Jesus Film or
   other videos or audio and have it shipped to an address in Mexico.

 To make these translation treasures known, I’ve been searching the Internet to find e-mail or web addresses of Hispanic pastors in order to let them know of the existence of the website. My hope is that the pastors will in turn check out the website and then share these resources with those who will want to access the Scriptures in their own heart language. I feel blessed to be able to have a part in making God’s word known through the wonders of modern technology.

Barbara Morse grew up in Southern Idaho and graduated from George Fox University. After 13 years teaching in the Northwest and in South America, she began her work in Mexico in 1977 as a member of Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL, Int’l. She has a home near the SIL offices in Tucson, AZ, where she attends NW Community Friends Church. During her annual visits to Newberg she attends Newberg Friends Church.

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