Your NFC – January 9, 2015

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by Bailey Sherwood

by Bailey Sherwood

About two summers ago I had the idea of putting on a race that supported a program that fought against world poverty. Last summer I got to watch my dream become a reality. With the help of my family we put on a fun run to raise money for Mercy Corps. We called it Run for Relief.

Our first step was getting sponsors for the race. I wrote letters to businesses and met with people. Dr. Kern, Scott Winter, Fisher Roofing, the McNeal family, Brent Peterson, and Hampton Plumbing agreed to be sponsors.

184I designed the logo for Run for Relief. Later my dad and I took the design to have it put on t-shirts. We ordered two boxes of t-shirts and little did we know that that would not be enough!

The owners of Heirloom Rose Garden, the Hanna family, let us hold the race at their gardens. Days before the race my dad, Matt Ingalls (one of the Newberg middle school cross-county couches) and I walked and measured the course. The day before the race the three of us marked the trail.

079To advertise Run for Relief I spoke at the Children of Light Sunday school class; they grew extra enthusiastic when I told them it supported Mercy Corps. One of the men in the class, Stu Willcuts, works for Mercy Corps and has an apartment in Gaza and one in Jerusalem. I also told my middle school cross-country team about the run during our summer running clinic. The coaches decided to have Run for Relief be the finale for the clinic. Because of these connections we recruited a lot of folks from the Children of Light class and middle school cross-country runners.

621The day of the race we had a great turnout with 80 runners. It was a beautiful day and definitely the highlight of my summer. After the race, participants could enjoy homemade cookies and brownies made by Rachel (my sister), our friend Jolee, and my grandmother Carol. There were prizes from Newberg Bakery for the top runners. At the end of the day we felt good about the fact that $2,500 was raised for Mercy Corps. Thank you to everyone who participated!

I would like to thank the photographers Gary Fawver and Bruce Murphy. They took wonderful photos of the race. Here are some for you to view.

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