Your NFC – December 5, 2014

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by Nolan Staples worship ministries

by Nolan Staples
worship ministries

I’ve been blessed to be in a position for the last few months that allows me to serve our community in a new way. I get to provide music for our gathered worship on Sunday mornings at NFC. I get to serve by taking time to plan and arrange and play music. I get to work to bring a variety of voices and timbres and styles to our singing together, with the goal of better representing our diversity and the diversity of God and God’s kingdom. Fortunately, creating such variety isn’t something I can do alone.

I’ve been learning something about being a servant: sometimes the best way for me to serve God and others is to ask for help. For our Thanksgiving service in Bauman, I wanted to bring something different in the music than we’ve had for the past few months. Being in the big auditorium at George Fox seemed a good opportunity for choir and brass, as the acoustics of that hall are well suited for voices and warm brass. As I began thinking about what it would take to have a choir and brass ensemble, I encountered some anxiety from the fact that I had never worked with these groups before and I wasn’t exactly sure what it would take to pull these different musical pieces together. In my mind, the responsibility to pull together and lead these groups was all on my shoulders, and I was worried it might be more than I could manage or that it might not come out as well as I would like. After some time of waiting and praying and thinking about whether I should try to assemble these larger ensembles, I ended up asking Bethany Lee and Mauri Macy to collaborate with me. I’m so glad I did! With their help, the preparation became so much smoother, and I found I could better serve the musicians involved as well as our whole community. In asking for help I invited others to use their gifts of leadership, and it brought more life and energy to the music we prepared to offer to God and our community. I’m so thankful to be a part of a community in which I can ask for help, and it’s easy and natural to serve alongside others.


Click HERE to read the entire December 5, 2014 issue.

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