Your NFC – August 7, 2015

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by Gregg Koskela lead pastor

by Gregg Koskela
lead pastor

I’m just so proud of the people of our church.

We have had a challenging couple of weeks. We’re part of a yearly meeting that is in disagreement about human sexuality and that has recently made the difficult decision to remove a church from membership. Yet even though our own church mirrors the wide spectrum of thought that our whole yearly meeting has, I’ve been impressed to watch so many of our people doing hard work to sort through emotions, show grace to each other, and seek to understand and find common ground. I’ve watched young adults step into their own, find their voices, and instead of running away from conflict or from decisions they don’t like, are making deeper commitments to be part of our community.

I’m so proud of the people of our church.

We’ve had our church’s name on the front page of the local paper regarding horrible allegations from more than 20 years ago. Two people came up to me and said, “I don’t know how to help…but just want you to know I’ll be there Sunday.” I’m so grateful for that. So grateful that people are willing to keep showing up, keep being a part of this community that I really do trust and believe in. (If you weren’t at church last Sunday, here is a link to the announcement, and here is a link to the message I spoke.)

I’m so proud of the people of our church!

We are having to live what we believe: that life is sometimes hard, that we cannot make all things work as we would like, but that through any circumstances, we have our Savior Jesus Christ as our foundation. We serve a God who chooses to be with us in the pain and the struggle. We are getting the chance to trust God’s work in our community. We are testing the promise that “our light and momentary [or heavy and lasting] troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all” (2 Corinthians 4:17).

God will prove faithful! And through this, we will become more like the one we follow, Jesus Christ.

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