Your NFC – August 12, 2016

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by Nolan Staples worship ministries

by Nolan Staples
worship ministries

“May you experience the love of Christ,
though it is too great to understand fully.
Then you will be made complete with all the
fullness of life and power that comes from God”
(Ephesians 3:19, New Living Translation).

My life has felt chaotic lately. My family is under more stress than it has ever faced. I’ve been stretched to balance time and energy between camp ministries, yearly meeting, extended family reunions, and simply taking the time I need to care for myself and my relationships. Through the chaos, I’ve found God in the way that I’ve felt centered and sustained. Even through circumstances that make it hard to hope, I feel hope. Even when I’ve felt emotionally depleted I’ve felt the joy of the Lord. Often what I’ve felt doesn’t really make sense to me, and I’m thankful that God takes my weariness and meager efforts and gives life. I’m thankful for God’s love that is too great to fully understand. In times of chaos it is God and my community that sustain me. Not only has God sustained my family and me, but I have also seen God ministering to others through my family, even with the weariness and heavy burden. No matter our circumstances, if we are willing to pay attention to God’s nudges, God will use us in ways we couldn’t imagine or predict. In times of hardship and feeling out of control I think it can be easy to shut down, but these are also the perfect times to trust and rely on God. In fact, I think it can be easier to recognize God’s provision in these times. My hope is that in continuing to trust God, I can experience and extend to others God’s love and life.

Click HERE to read the entire August 12, 2016 issue.

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