Your NFC – April 24, 2015

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by Arnie Mitchell facilities co-manager

by Arnie Mitchell
facilities co-manager

About a year and a half ago I talked to the guy practicing his golf putt on the lawn of the brick house across the street from the church. It turns out his name is Rick Acevedo. He was laid off from his job at ProBuild when they closed in Newberg. I suggested he might want to help us with some painting on the Youth House. He did.

Next, he started helping Dan and me on the wheelchair lift construction. He worked many hours—several hundred—helping us.

DSC01874 copyI learned that he volunteers at the golf course in exchange for greens fees. Then I saw him working in some people’s yards in the area—as a volunteer. I asked if he would be interested in running our big John Deere mower over the lawn. He has been doing all of our mowing since, as well as edging sidewalks, weeding flower beds, and generally helping wherever needed.

Now that is not bad for a guy who doesn’t even attend NFC.

Rick is from Hawaii, wears short pants year round, and often has a golf tee stuck under the edge of his baseball cap. He religiously leaves work to pick up his high-school-age son and take him to the gym to work out, then goes back to get him and take him home to his mother’s house. They often ride bikes together as well.

DSC01880 copy_SnapseedWe have taken him to lunch, given him some gas money, and just this month offered to hire him a few hours a week caring for the yards. If you see him, tell him how good the lawns are looking.

Click HERE to read the entire April 24, 2015 issue.

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