Snow Day 2/9/2014…Worship Resources

(Josh Reid has created the following options for worship while at home. Enjoy!)


NFC Snow Day Devotional Ideas

Here are some simple ideas for facilitating a meaningful time of devotion. Try one or try them all. Whether you are alone, with housemates, or together as a family, it is good to spend a moment being attentive to God and cultivating gratitude for the day you have been given.


Light a candle and read John 1:1-13. Be reminded that you are in the presence of God. You could also close your time by drawing your attention back to the light, reading Matthew 5:14-16, and praying that God would continue to help you be a light in the places that you live your life.


Joys and Sorrow: After lighting the candle, remember all of the experiences, relationships, conversations, joys, disappointments, and surprises that made up the week. Consider a few questions:

What are the experiences and people that you are most thankful for? What is your greatest  joy?

What are you ungrateful for? What is your deepest sorrow?

What might God have been trying to teach you through the joys and sorrows of this past week?

You might enjoy watching this 6 min. video on Youtube called “Gratitude HD – Moving Art” before or after you are done sharing.


Fill a bowl with slips of paper with open-ended questions on them and then spend time taking turns drawing a slip of paper. Depending on the age of your family members, your questions can vary. Some questions could include:

The time I felt closest to God was…

The time I felt furthest from God was…

The person who loves me best is…

An experience that I am really grateful for is when…

The scariest thing I’ve ever done was…

My favorite story in the Bible is…

If I could ask God one question it would be…


Write a psalm to God: After reading a psalm or two (a few good ones: Psalm 19, 86, 121, 148) , try writing your own. Consider the mood you are in and the experiences of your life and express your whole self to God. If you are with others, you can have someone start the psalm by writing a verse or two. Then, pass the page around, having each person add a line or two until you want to be done. Then read your psalm aloud as a prayer to God.


Imaginative scripture reading: Invite everyone to close their eyes and imagine being IN the Bible story that you choose. Invite them to imagine what their five senses would be experiencing: what would they see, hear, feel, smell, taste if they were one of the characters in the story? Then read the story and pause after each sentence or two, giving everyone opportunity to let their imagination bring the story to life. Afterwards, it’s a good idea to debrief the experience by asking questions such as:

What character were you and where were you in relationship to the other characters?

What did the other people in the story look and sound like?

What did Jesus’ face look like when he spoke?

What did you imagine that made the story seem more real?

What seems to be the most important part of this story?

What might God want us to learn (or be reminded of) through this story?

Some excellent passages to use for this exercise: Matthew 14:22-33; Mark 2:1-12; Luke 7:36-50; John 11:17-44


Check on your neighbors (especially elderly folks): Bring them their mail, make sure they have water/food and adequate heat. Perhaps they will just want to chat…perhaps they will want to come out for a snowball fight?


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