Summer Small Groups

These are the small group experiences from summer 2013. Next year’s small group adventures will be listed at the end of May 2014.

    Boys Groups

    Because of an extremely full summer calendar, we’re only offering three shared, small-adventure experiences for boys this year. Boys entering 6th through 9th grades are eligible. Older students are welcome if willing to take on a leadership role. The focus of each activity will be to use our time together as a jumping-off point for natural faith discussions. There is room for up to 12 boys on each date. Friends are welcome. But once each date is full, it’s full. Cost is $15 per outing. Lunch is provided. Here is a schedule:

    June 26: Hike just over a mile in to Soapstone Lake near Seaside. The lake is small and should be warm enough for swimming. Discussion topic: Identity. When we honestly consider the world God has made, we find infinite variability. But our standards for who we should be tend to follow a predictable, one-size-fits-all pattern. How do we reconcile the people we’re becoming with the standards we have for success, for competence, for maturity? Leave from NFC at 9 a.m. Return by 4 p.m.

    July 1: Explore Portland with the 4T, a 4-mile hike from the zoo to OHSU, where we’ll take the tram to the south waterfront. We’ll take a trolley to downtown and then ride a train back to the zoo. Lots of people-watching on this trip! Discussion topic: Status. We tend to measure the value of a person by what that person owns, produces, or leaves behind. Why do we do that? What kind of value do we want to leave as a legacy? How do we want to be remembered? Leave from NFC at 9 a.m. Return by 4 p.m.

    July 29: Hike in to LaTourell Falls (a 2.4 mile loop). After lunch, we’ll stop for ice cream at one of the Salt & Straw locations in Portland. Discussion topic: Creativity. Where do ideas come from? Why do we create? What is beauty and why does it matter? Leave from NFC at 9 a.m. Return by 4 p.m.

    Each mini-adventure will cost $15. Lunch is provided. Students must fill out a medical release for the 2013-2014 school year.

    Girls Groups

    Greetings from Leslie, youth pastor at NVFC!

    This summer Mareesa Fawver, and I are each leading one of two small groups for girls; I am leading a high school group, and she a middle school. We use curriculum to guide our discussions around body image, clothes, what media and culture tries to tell us, etc. We usually watch clips from the “Dove Beauty” ad campaign, and either have a craft project or a field trip. These small groups will meet for 6 weeks throughout the summer.

    I find this small group to be life giving. These groups provide not only valuable discussion with other girls their own age, but also can be, and have been in the past, a jumping off point to bring these topics home, which can encourage and allow for deeper and continued conversation. These small groups are also a good way to stay connected while youth group is on hiatus.

    This summer, we will have small groups on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The middle school girls will meet on Tuesdays and the high school on Thursdays. Usually, our girls group days will run either 10-noon or 10-2pm. The girls will stay in their assigned group for the full 6-week small group. On average, the girl’s groups will cost about $20/month for our activities. I have funds available for those that the cost would be preventative.

    Parents and daughters, please, if at all possible, contact me by the first meeting date if you, girls, or your daughter, parents, would like to be in a small group this summer so that we can have a general knowledge of how many girls to expect ahead of time. If you/your daughter does plan on attending, but you know already that any of the dates will not work, (see below for days), please let me know, as I am confirming field trip dates. If you know that you will need help with transportation to and from the small groups, please let me know that as well.

    Eric Muhr, youth pastor at Newberg Friends will lead boys groups throughout the summer as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

    Leslie Murray
    503.260.7615 (cell)

    Small Group Dates:

    • June 18 & 20
    • June 25 & 27
    • July 16 & 18
    • July 30 & Aug 1
    • Aug 13 & 15
    • Aug 27 & 29

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