Parish Nursing

Nurses are uniquely qualified to help bring health and wholeness to people’s lives. A Parish Nurse functions as:

• a health educator and teacher to promote healthy lifestyles and to help people understand the relationships between lifestyle, faith, and well-being;
• a personal health counselor to help people sort out health problems and make appropriate plans for handling them;
• a communication link and support for community health resources and services, to provide referrals and be a liaison for the church and its members;
• a teacher of volunteers to recruit members and train them to carry out a range of supportive services;
• an organizer of health support groups to assist groups in the congregation with particular concerns;
• a resource to assist with the assessment of congregational and community health needs

Parish Nurses currently provide regular blood pressure checks to anyone who wants to stop by Room 234 during Community Time from 10 to 10:45. Just look for the signs at each entry on Blood Pressure Sundays (second Sunday of each month).

P1040878The Parish Nursing ministry also sponsors Strong for Life, an easy-to-follow exercise program for senior adults, held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in Barclay B. Participants follow a 30-minute videotape and often use therabands to individualize resistance and improve strength.

If you are a healthcare professional (nurse, counselor, social worker, chaplain, physician, etc.) and would like to be a part of the parish nursing/health ministry team, contact Carol Sherwood at 503-550-9802.

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