Small Groups

We all need people who can help us in our relationships with Christ and others. Being a part of a small group for encouragement, support, challenge, and accountability can be an important way for this to happen.

The thrust of various Small Groups is different: Some are focused on fellowship and the support of group participants, while other groups have a stronger learning and Bible study/application emphasis.

Most Small Groups are on summer break, but will return this fall. Keep watching for our updated schedule! If you are interested in finding your niche, contact Steve Fawver, pastor of spiritual health and care.

Exploration Series

Come Explore a variety of topics with excellent leaders in the context of a small group. These courses provide a chance to discover more about NFC, Friends, and other topics—and yourself as well. Steve Fawver, pastor of spiritual health and care, oversees these sessions.

Listening Life Groups
Listening Life groups provide a chance for individuals to grow in their awareness of God and how God is speaking to each of us. These groups gather for six- to eight-week sessions, meeting weekly to delve into a book topic, to take time to listen to God together, and experiment with practices that can help us learn to listen. As we listen, God will show us ways to live out love to the world around!

For more in Listening Life Groups, click HERE.

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