Mildred Shaw Higbee memorial service

Mildred Shaw Higbee Memorial Service

Prelude      ​Karen Rathkey, friend of the Higbee & Bartlett families…much of the prelude music today was from a list of Millie’s favorites​​​
Photo collection ​Prepared by Ellie Higbee, Millie’s only granddaughter
Welcome & Prayer:      Doug Bartlett, Millie’s son-in-law
Hymn:     ​​To God Be The Glory
Obituary:        ​​ Read by Wesley Higbee, grandson
Praise Song: ​​ There is a Redeemer
Tribute: ​​Written by Trude Higbee, daughter   – Read by Carol Bartlett
Memories of Millie​Open microphone
Meditation: ​​Doug Bartlett
Gospel Song: ​​This World Is Not My Home
Benediction ​​

Special thank you and gratitude to Simona and Daniel Dan owners and caregivers at Gentle Care Adult Home in Newberg.  Mildred thoroughly enjoyed living with them since December 2015.

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