Habitat for Humanity’s Apostle Build


Larry Hampton

by Larry Hampton

Everyone deserves to live in affordable, safe, respectable housing—the belief that spawned the organization known as Habitat for Humanity. The mission of Habitat—at the international and the local level—is to partner with families, churches, businesses, local governments, and many other organizations and individuals to provide housing that meets these simple requirements. It has been my privilege to work with the Newberg affiliate of Habitat for Humanity for a majority of the time it has been in existence. Over the years we have built or rehabilitated 17 homes, and we’re working on numbers 18 and 19. I currently serve as president of the board and also serve on the land acquisition committee.

One of the partnership programs that Habitat promotes is called the Apostle Build. We seek 12 or more churches to commit to provide funds and labor to build a home. As with all Habitat building efforts, prospective home owners join with volunteers to do the work of building the house. I am excited to announce that Newberg Friends has committed to Newberg’s current Apostle Build. In addition to providing some of the funds required to build the house, we will provide workers for two Saturday build days. Our first day to work on the site (1313 E 9th Street, Newberg) is Saturday, June 15, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Lunch will be provided by people from Newberg Friends. We will schedule a second build day later in the summer.
I hope you are asking, “How can I get involved in this project?” First, you can sign up to work on the 15th. You do not have to be an expert builder to volunteer on the site. Folks of all ages (must be 16 or older) and all ability levels are welcome. Tools are provided, or you can bring your own. This could be an opportunity for folks from Equipo to have a reunion workday. If you aren’t able to do the physical work of building, you can either sponsor a worker or do some fundraising to help with the cost of building. Newberg Friends Church has provided some of the funds required by the Apostle Build, but we would like to raise about $4,400 more to support this effort. You can also get involved by helping to provide lunch for the workers on the Saturday build days. There are many other ways to get involved with Habitat, including serving on a committee or being a mentor/partner for a Habitat homeowner. All of these are tangible ways to share the love of Christ with others in our community.

I love to build. There is something very satisfying about stepping back at the end of the day and seeing the progress made. My Monday through Friday work as a middle school administrator is a type of building (building mature, educated young people), but the results are less tangible and I often wait several years to see the fruits of my labor. This is why I get involved with Habitat and with Love INC’s wood ministry. I get to help people, and I get to see immediate results. I also feel like I am sharing Christ with the people I’m helping. Won’t you join me in sharing his love with our community?
If you are interested in working on June 15, please call me (503-538-6508) or text me (503-840-5346) or e-mail me (hamptonl@newberg.k12.or.us) . We need at least ten workers.

Read the rest of this article in the May 31, 2013 issue of Your NFC.

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