Friday Focus – September 22, 2017

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From . . . Dick Sartwell, interim pastor

Your invitation to serve as interim pastor at NFC for the next several months humbles me. I accept that offer with some trepidation because what we have been through in our church has been traumatic for so many of us. We have some serious rebuilding to do in our beloved congregation. While we have been focused on our local situation, many people in the south and southeast of our country and others around the world have faced sudden and tragic natural events like flooding and earthquakes. Those cities and towns most likely to recover from those calamities are those whose citizens work together to help each other rebuild and who use their personal and collective tragedies to rethink how to shape their communities for the future.

Linda and I have been a part of the past of Newberg Friends Church, and that carries rich memories for us. But restoring the past is not the challenge our congregation faces at NFC. Rather, with God’s help we want to discern his vision for the future of our church. Have you sensed with us in recent months the clear evidence of God’s presence and blessing in our worship? To me that is a sign that he has a plan for our future (Jeremiah 29:11). Let’s discover it together!

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