Friday Focus – September 15, 2017

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From … Angel R. Diaz, pastor, La Iglesia Evangelica Los Amigos

Hello Friends.

The Hispanic Friends Church of Newberg (Iglesia Evangelica Amigos) thanks the Friends of Newberg Church for all the years we’ve shared. We want to tell you that we deeply want to continue in this relationship until Christ comes. Also the pastoral family thanks you for all the support received in the circumstances of our lives in the month of August when my wife vacationed in Venezuela. First she suffered the death of her sister of 36 years, and then she needed an emergency operation for appendicitis that has delayed her return to the United States. But in the midst of all these adversities, the baby, born prematurely to her sister just before she died, survived and today is in a state of recovery in the home of a family member who is a military nurse. The baby girl has been the gift of God in all this storm.

As a church we want to celebrate the 10 years of financial independence from NFC with a meal in honor of you. Our church men put a new floor on the left side of the chapel. In an attitude of gratitude we wanted to do it, even though the building will be sold. We continue in our plan to clean the entire Friends Center, each family per month. So choose the day* and kind of food you want to celebrate our unity in Christ and in our Faith and Practice.

We also want to share that we started a Hispanic Friends Church in Sherwood with brother Acasio Solis as pastor and with the full support of Sherwood Friends Church. We have services on Sundays at 5 p.m. In McMinnville we have already reached 10 years (5 years as a self-sustaining church). We have also started a community garden in McMinnville that is already reaping its fruits these days.

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