Friday Focus – September 14, 2018

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This coming Sunday we will welcome Joseph Clair to preach in morning worship. He serves as dean of the George Fox College of Christian Studies, liberal arts, and honors, and as an associate professor of theology. Before joining the George Fox faculty in 2013, he earned his PhD in the religion, ethics, and politics program at Princeton University. He also earned master’s degrees from Fordham and Duke University and a bachelor’s degree from Wheaton College.

His research and teaching interests include Christian thought and ethics and the role of religion in public life. He is the author of Discerning the Good in the Letters and Sermons of Augustine and Reading Augustine: On Education, Formation, Citizenship, and the Lost Purpose of Learning.

Watch a short video of Joseph discussing the importance of reading great books and authors, and why you should read his own favorite great book, The Confessions  by Augustine. On Sunday he will teach from
John 6:56-69.

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