Friday Focus – October 5, 2018

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“Sherry will write her own epitaph.” That’s what I wrote as a placeholder in the template for this week’s newsletter. For the record, Keith decided we would feature my retirement from the role of office administrator for the past 15 years. And let’s be clear—I haven’t died, which is good because I still need to return to the office to train Dianne for the many moving parts that will be her job come Monday morning!
My love for NFC goes back 24 years when I moved to Newberg from Michigan as Mauri’s mail-order bride. He had already been serving as pastor of worship ministries for 14 years, and I quickly became caught up in the life of our congregation. So when I read of a job opening in NFC Weekly, I said to Mauri, “I think I want to apply!” I had been self-employed for many years, so it was a leap of faith to take on a position that required my presence from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. five days a week! And then some!
Turned out, I easily embraced the new routine, have loved (nearly) every aspect of my job. God remained close to support me through the bumpy parts and allowed me to answer Yes! to the question Mauri asked at the end of each workday—”Did you finish strong?”
I caught the joy of blogging 12 years ago, and anyone who follows it has seen that much life can happen around a full-time job. If you’re interested, you could check out my post about last week’s team celebration and my final day.

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