Friday Focus – July 7, 2017

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Welcome to NFC’s new MailChimp newsletter! This is our introductory issue. Seven hundred or so issues (14 years) of Your NFC have been archived right behind five years of NFC Monthly, and for ten years prior to that we published a print newsletter called The Focus. Yes, this newly minted newsletter carries with it a bit of NFC’s 140-year history in its title. God has faithfully led us through a low point in that history. A vibrant community of believers has been torn asunder, indelibly marked on the hearts of those who called NFC their church home for a few or for many years. For this we continue to grieve together.

Now, as some choose to leave—either to find a different place of community or to join with others to form a new work—many remain, possibly more than we had anticipated earlier this year. So we begin the rebuilding process with those committed to our connection to Northwest Yearly Meeting and its Faith and Practice. We embrace the truth that everyone is welcome to worship in our community. Differing views on human sexuality divided us, but those who remain at Newberg Friends will continue the work of Jesus—boldly, simply, and together.

Friday Focus editor, Sherry Macy

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