Friday Focus – July 6, 2018

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from Keith Reeser, pastor

Our grand new adventure—together—for the glory of God

With my first few keyboard strokes into the realm of Friday Focus, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to this congregation and to those who have asked me to serve here at Newberg Friends Church. What a privilege to serve as your pastor and to be welcomed so warmly! I look forward to seeing much kingdom fruit in our future together.
In addition, at this earliest outset as your pastor I want to share my clear intentions and pure motives to seek the Lord in every decision. I want to know our church is grounded in truth and aimed upward as we pursue Christ Jesus in every ministry that has the NFC stamp of approval. My desire is to be an equipper of disciples who will, in turn, equip disciples. I want to be an encourager, one who inspires the varied talents and capacities our church body can extend to the Newberg community.
I ask you to pray for and with me as we begin our journey through Colossians. Pray we would enjoy rich fellowship in our gatherings, that we would be seen as people who “go and make disciples.” I look forward to our journey and hope we are all bowing to glorify our Lord Jesus, for he is worthy to be praised!

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