Friday Focus – July 20, 2018

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from … Keith Reeser, with Cindy Johnson

“To be known…”
Within each of us is a wealth of experience and knowledge, whether or not we can recognize our own personal value. God chooses to know each of us. He knows our imperfections, yet he chooses to love and pursue us anyway (1 Corinthians 8:3 and Galatians 4:9). Do you see the beauty in this truth? God wants relationship with us!
From the earliest moments of creation God was already displaying his love toward mankind. We are simply vessels put on display for all to see how God cares for us. He wants us to remember we are all in this together, in fellowship as a community.
At NFC we look for reminders of God’s love for each person. Cindy remembers when her husband, John, became critically ill with an e-coli infection. The doctor saw little hope for recovery, but Cindy told him a lot of people were praying for John—people from NFC, his GFU colleagues, family from all over, neighbors, people who didn’t know them but heard about their situation. Through those next difficult months as John’s health slowly improved, faithful warriors continued to pray. This happened quite a few years ago, and we are all glad to see that John has completely recovered. He is a constant reminder of answered prayer and God’s work in his life.
Through this example may we be reminded that praying has no age requirement. We all need to be praying for each other and sharing our requests with the church prayer teams.
Here is a task, better yet a challenge, that each of us would take on the ministry of praying for those the Lord puts on our heart throughout the week. Consider writing a card with the simple acknowledgment you are praying for them, that God brought them to your mind and you wanted to lift them up to the God who hears and cares for his children. Picture this—people sharing cards of affirmation and prayers after the service. How would it be for God’s people to hear prayer requests and then respond to the congregation of the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord? Well, friends, we are already seeing glimpses of this, so let me encourage you to continue growing this spiritual muscle!

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