Friday Focus – January 26, 2018

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“Who Do We Want to Become?”
All-Church Visioning Day
Saturday, February 3 • 9 a.m. through lunch

What is God’s specific plan for Newberg Friends Church for the next few years? We’ll work together at discerning the answer to that question when we gather for another all-church visioning day on Saturday, February 3. We’ll meet in the church social hall from 9 a.m. till noon and then share a soup lunch together. Through small-group and large-group discussions and times of prayer we’ll provide input for our elders as they seek to prepare a vision statement for Newberg Friends Church.

Every congregation of Christians around the world has as a starting point the Great Commission Jesus gave his followers (Matthew 28:19). But we’re a specific church with a history in a town that has specific strengths and weaknesses. How might God want to use us to impact our community … and beyond?

Do we really need to do this? If God has a will for us, how would we know that without asking him to reveal it to us? If pastoral candidates have an interest in knowing what we’re hearing from God, how should our search committee answer such questions?

Please be praying regularly about this challenge and come February 3 prepared to enter into a spiritual exercise that may well influence the future of our church.

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