Friday Focus – February 16, 2018

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What’s going on here? Carl Anderson is training the AM coordinators on how to use the AED (a.k.a. defibrillator) as part of the responsibility they accepted in serving us at NFC. AM coordinators (pictured left to right) are Bob Holveck, Justin Hampton, (Carl), Jim Jackson, and Linda Sartwell, who oversees this group. They serve us on a rotation basis by tending to the multiple behind-the-scenes tasks that make Sunday mornings run smoothly. You might see them unlocking a door or taking Sunday school attendance or helping someone with the lift or distributing the morning handouts or pulling the window blinds on an extra sunny day. Always you will see him or her wearing a headset that connects them to the children’s classes throughout the morning. We hope to never see them using the AED! But you’ll agree it’s important for them to know what to do in the event one of us needs that kind of help.

If you’re curious about the job, Linda has openings for trainees who could serve as a backup from time to time. Here’s the job description. Contact Linda if you want to know more!

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