Friday Focus – December 1, 2017

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Please attend our (NWYM) area’s
gathering tomorrow!

NFC social hall • 10 a.m. to noon

Update on NWYM Visioning Process (adapted from NWYM Connection)

Area meetings have been held for Southern Idaho, Inland, and Southern Oregon. The remaining five area meetings will be held the last week of November/first weekend of December.  Attendance has been encouraging and there has been lots of energetic discussion about our future together as ministers of God’s truth, love, and hope for people.
To those who responded to receive a link to the visioning questionnaire: once all of the area meetings have finished (this weekend), you will soon receive the survey link. Genysys, the organization tasked with survey results, will send the questionnaire to all participants at the same time. The questions will likely make more sense after tomorrow’s meeting, where we can ask questions and share hopes for the reorganization of the yearly meeting. The information obtained from the questionnaire will then be used at the NWYM Visioning Day, tentatively planned for January 2018.
If you have questions, please contact Brad Holton or Debbie Harrison. Please continue to pray for the area meetings and for the Visioning Task Force, which will be meeting for the first time after the first of the year.
– – – –
Further encouragement from Ron Stansell, clerk of the elders: I would strongly encourage you to step forward and take part in this gathering as an opportunity to creatively help chart the future of Northwest Yearly Meeting. It’s our chance to speak up for outreach, for world mission, for compassion and a welcoming spirit true to the historic spirit of Friends while creatively engaging ourselves in the world and culture in which we live.
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Friendsview Friends: transportation provided! Pick up: 9:40am. Sign up at Friendsview’s front desk.

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