Friday Focus – August 11, 2017

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89 Days

If you started reading Matthew and Acts shortly after the Cell Rule of Optina was introduced in Your NFC on May 19, you might be nearing the end of John and Revelation. I started on May 1 and finished 89 days later* on July 27 (*admitting some catch-up was required along the way). Crossing the finish line left me speechless (it happens)—reading John 21 in tandem with Revelation 21-22 after 89 days of “witnessing” Jesus’ life (times 4) interwoven with the early church and the horrors and beauty of Revelation. I’ve never experienced Bible reading in such a meaningful way. It’s impossible to overestimate the value of reading God’s word every day.

Some of you long-timers remember when we read through the whole Bible chronologically with “Bible Readers Unanimous.” That was a monumental commitment, especially adding the monthly gatherings to talk over what we’d read. Reading the New Testament in 89 days will seem like a breeze by comparison. See how I did that? You have until September 1 to choose your translation, then we can all start together. Download and print the reading chart (it’s in the public domain) and mark your calendar. Try to imagine with me the powerful impact an entire church reading scripture together will have on us.

Sherry Macy

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