Friday Focus – August 10, 2018

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A year ago many NFCers scrambled to fill sudden vacancies in committees and church-wide positions, some taking on roles once filled by a team of pastors and staff. It was a sight to behold from my vantage in the church office! And it still humbles me to continue receiving a salary while so many others show their love for God and his church by joyfully offering their time and effort on a volunteer basis without grumble or murmur (that I ever hear).

A year ago I quickly realized I could not keep the office open nine hours a day, five days a week, assisting visitors, answering the phone, and still keep up with my other assignments. First, we reduced the office hours, an obvious solution! And then three angels stepped up to lend a hand: Susan Hampton, Carolyn Stansell, Cathie Jo Sturdevant (shown clockwise from upper left)! You can’t see their wings, but I see them every Monday (Susan), Wednesday (Carolyn), and Thursday (Cathie Jo), when they show up to accomplish the regular tasks I’ve moved from my plate to theirs. What a blessing they have been, not only to me but to our church’s rebuilding process this past year!

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