Friday Focus – April 27, 2018

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Keith Reeser Accepts Call to Pastor NFC!

April 24, 2018

To the Newberg Friends Church congregation:

We (Keith, Tahnee, Malachi, and Josiah) want to start off by saying thank you to Newberg Friends Church for allowing us to candidate with the church. Tahnee and I have really appreciated our face-to-face conversations and hearing from so many people in the church and community of Newberg.

We would like to formally accept the call to serve as your pastor starting July 1, 2018!

As discussed with the elders and search committee regarding the ministry position presented to us through email, we would like to accept!

In everything we do we want Jesus to receive all of the glory. We anticipate many great and exciting moments in ministry together. We are very humbled that the Lord has orchestrated such a plan as this, using us to be a part of the kingdom work in Newberg. We pray this new journey will be encouraging and refreshing for the church moving forward. We anticipate seeing the gospel move in the community in new and fresh ways, and this brings us joy.

Lastly, we thank you, Newberg Friends Church, for being so encouraging and friendly. We feel overwhelmed with the many meals, wonderful housing in our visits, and kind words of affirmation. What stands out most to us though is that you have relied on Jesus through tough seasons. You have shown deep commitment in following scripture and seeking to be a light to the community. We cannot wait to join you in this journey and come alongside your great kingdom work.

We can’t wait for July 1!
Praise Jesus!

Keith Reeser

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