Friday Focus – April 13, 2018

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An Invitation to
Discern Together

Announcing a Called Business Meeting
on Sunday, April 22

by Ron Stansell, clerk of elders

Many of us met Keith and Tahnee Reeser when they came in late March. Last weekend Keith returned for further acquaintance with our community and to preach in our Sunday worship service. This week the elders of Newberg Friends forwarded to the congregation a recommendation that we extend a pastoral call to Keith, a recorded Friends minister in Evangelical Friends Church-Mid America Yearly Meeting. He and Tahnee, have two sons, Malachi (age 8) and Josiah (age 6). The pastoral call will be considered at a called meeting on Sunday, April 22, at 6 p.m. All NFC members and attenders are welcome to come and hear from the elders and the pastoral search committee regarding their process and conclusions.

We appreciate the diligent work of the search committee who met regularly to pray and consider several applicants. Following NWYM’s Faith and Practice, the search committee’s recommendation went to the elders, who prayerfully probed and evaluated how Keith’s giftedness fits NFC’s needs for this time and place in God’s design.

Keith and Tahnee are both gifted in personal relationships and have had special concerns for family and intergenerational ministries. Keith is a graduate of Barclay College, a Friends school dedicated to the preparation of young people for ministry and missions, especially among evangelical Friends. Keith has served in youth ministry, family ministry, and preaching and teaching in general pastoral work. He has most recently served at Chandler Friends Church in Oklahoma. His “adventure of a life-time” is seeing people led to Jesus and watching them grow in the power of the Spirit.

Beginning in February, Keith has participated in long-distance Skype conversations and answered many questions with individual elders and search committee members. During his two visits to Newberg, he met people informally at an intergenerational social, visited Sunday school classes briefly, braved “Q&A” with two large adult groups, met leaders at George Fox University, shared meals and coffee with a variety of other leaders, and spent time in the NFC office.

It’s an awesome and important step to consider who might partner with our congregation as we move ahead into what we believe will be an exciting future. Newberg Friends Church has existed since 1878—that makes us 140 years old! We have a history of seeing unbelievers come to Jesus, discipling youth and families, and witnessing to the world as the “mother church” of Northwest Yearly Meeting through ministry in South America, Evangelical Friends Mission, and more recently our own NFC missionaries.

Thank you to so many who have prayed for our pastoral search. We believe God will be pleased to see us deeply revived, moved to new evangelism in unique and fresh ways in the future.

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