Friday Focus – April 20,2018

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NFC elders and a pastoral search committee worked together closely since last November. Our first contact with Keith Reeser came in February, shortly after his leading that his work at Chandler Friends (Oklahoma) was drawing to an end. The Reesers became aware of the Newberg Friends pastoral opening a few days after his resignation at Chandler. Keith has special interests in family ministries, children and youth.

Friday Focus – April 13, 2018

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An Invitation to
Discern Together

Announcing a Called Business Meeting
on Sunday, April 22

by Ron Stansell, clerk of elders

Many of us met Keith and Tahnee Reeser when they came in late March. Last weekend Keith returned for further acquaintance with our community and to preach in our Sunday worship service. This week the elders of Newberg Friends forwarded to the congregation a recommendation that we extend a pastoral call to Keith, a recorded Friends minister in Evangelical Friends Church-Mid America Yearly Meeting. He and Tahnee, have two sons, Malachi (age 8) and Josiah (age 6). The pastoral call will be considered at a called meeting on Sunday, April 22, at 6 p.m. All NFC members and attenders are welcome to come and hear from the elders and the pastoral search committee regarding their process and conclusions.

We appreciate the diligent work of the search committee who met regularly to pray and consider several applicants. Following NWYM’s Faith and Practice, the search committee’s recommendation went to the elders, who prayerfully probed and evaluated how Keith’s giftedness fits NFC’s needs for this time and place in God’s design.

Keith and Tahnee are both gifted in personal relationships and have had special concerns for family and intergenerational ministries. Keith is a graduate of Barclay College, a Friends school dedicated to the preparation of young people for ministry and missions, especially among evangelical Friends. Keith has served in youth ministry, family ministry, and preaching and teaching in general pastoral work. He has most recently served at Chandler Friends Church in Oklahoma. His “adventure of a life-time” is seeing people led to Jesus and watching them grow in the power of the Spirit.

Beginning in February, Keith has participated in long-distance Skype conversations and answered many questions with individual elders and search committee members. During his two visits to Newberg, he met people informally at an intergenerational social, visited Sunday school classes briefly, braved “Q&A” with two large adult groups, met leaders at George Fox University, shared meals and coffee with a variety of other leaders, and spent time in the NFC office.

It’s an awesome and important step to consider who might partner with our congregation as we move ahead into what we believe will be an exciting future. Newberg Friends Church has existed since 1878—that makes us 140 years old! We have a history of seeing unbelievers come to Jesus, discipling youth and families, and witnessing to the world as the “mother church” of Northwest Yearly Meeting through ministry in South America, Evangelical Friends Mission, and more recently our own NFC missionaries.

Thank you to so many who have prayed for our pastoral search. We believe God will be pleased to see us deeply revived, moved to new evangelism in unique and fresh ways in the future.

Friday Focus – April 6, 2018

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Saturday, April 21, 8-10am, Chehalem Cultural Center

This year’s event will feature an interview round table with local leaders in our community. We are honored and excited to have Mike Donahue, former KOIN-TV anchor, interview several of our community leaders, including: Newberg’s mayor, Bob Andrews; George Fox University’s campus pastor, Jamie Noling-Auth; Heath Placek from Love INC, and others.

The event starts at 8am with an optional time of prayer. The main program and meal start at 8:30. Times of prayer and worship will be interspersed during the program. This is an opportunity to “Gather, Inspire and Pray.”

Tickets are $16.62 (includes processing fee) and can be purchased HERE.

Friday Focus – March 30, 2018

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Today is Good Friday on the Christian calendar, a day on which Christians around the world remember that Jesus was crucified on the Friday before Easter. In some traditions the day is observed with solemn, even mournful worship services in which Christians acknowledge that his death was for our sins and those of the whole world. In some places a time of silence is observed mid-day in stores and other community locations to encourage people to remember the tragedy of Christ’s death. Some people fast on the day; other people make “hot cross buns,” a roll with a cross on top formed by icing. Aside from the commemoration of the day, how does Good Friday make a difference in your life? What about the original event, remembered by so many, is “good” for you? Can we really celebrate Easter if we “ignore” Good Friday?
—Dick Sartwell

Friday Focus – March 23, 2018

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A big thanks to all in the NFC family who warmly welcomed pastoral candidate Keith Reeser and his wife, Tahnee. Scheduling complications around spring break and Easter made it necessary for the Reesers to make a quick trip from Chandler, Oklahoma, to Newberg last weekend. We had already invited a guest speaker for Sunday, but Keith plans to return and share a sermon on April 8 that will focus on the priesthood of Jesus. They really appreciated the many conversations and summed up their visit by saying “We had a blast.”

You can see in the picture that Keith and Tahnee have two sons, Malachi, age 8, and Josiah, age 6.

Judy and I were privileged to host them in our home, providing opportunities to engage in lots of laughter as well as times of deeper conversation. During their stay they enjoyed a brief visit to Camp Tilikum, a tour of the George Fox University campus, cinnamon rolls at Newberg Bakery, and NFC’s intergenerational game night on Friday.

The Reesers filled out the prayer request section of our Sunday handout, *asking for prayer “that we would have eyes to see, ears to hear, and minds to understand all that the Lord is putting before us.” What a good prayer challenge for us all!

Submitted by Dave Woolsey, representing your pastoral search team: Tabitha Greller, Cathie Jo Sturdevant, Julie Anderson, Hank Helsabeck, Ron Stansell, and Phil Smith.

*Prayer requests are normally confidential, never publicly shared. In this case we asked permission from Keith to share his along with encouragement to join in the same prayer for us all.

Friday Focus – March 2, 2018

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Let’s pray together . . .
We’ve been blessed by faithful “pray-ers” in our congregation. Some of those gather on Sunday or Monday morning to pray for requests brought by the congregation. But some pray on their own at home. Many have expressed interest in also praying for our church as a whole. Our office staff has prepared an attractive bookmark with five suggested prayer themes. These bookmarks are available on Sunday mornings at the welcome center to use with your Bible, journal, or devotional book. You can also request one by mail from the church office or by calling 503-538-8381.

Friday Focus – February 23, 2018

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from . . . Dave Woolsey

All in One Day
Isn’t it exciting when we get to sit back and watch God move! Sometimes he moves slowly and sometimes quickly. And sometimes he combines both time elements.
I visited recently with a retired friend who lives near our church. He’d had a stroke, and his wife was recovering from back surgery. It became clear his most critical need was firewood. Both he and his wife use walkers to navigate a home heated only by a wood stove. I called Hub Mardock, who said the wood ministry dump truck was already loaded and waiting to be used as a blessing to someone in need. In less than one hour John Hutchinson had the firewood on the ground at my friend’s house. Two volunteers quickly moved the wood right outside their back door. With great joy I explained to my friends and two curious neighbors that the NFC wood ministry has been a blessing to others for many years.
What I saw happen took less than an hour but represented many hours of hard work behind the scenes. A big thank you goes to all those “sawdusters” who have found, cut, split, loaded, and hauled wood in support of this ministry.
The wood ministry section of our church website says “People who heat with wood are warmed twice; once when they cut and stack the wood and again when they burn it.” Matthew 5:16 says “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven” (NKJV). It’s a joy to also note that donated wood shines light twice—physical light and the light of Christ.

Friday Focus – February 16, 2018

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What’s going on here? Carl Anderson is training the AM coordinators on how to use the AED (a.k.a. defibrillator) as part of the responsibility they accepted in serving us at NFC. AM coordinators (pictured left to right) are Bob Holveck, Justin Hampton, (Carl), Jim Jackson, and Linda Sartwell, who oversees this group. They serve us on a rotation basis by tending to the multiple behind-the-scenes tasks that make Sunday mornings run smoothly. You might see them unlocking a door or taking Sunday school attendance or helping someone with the lift or distributing the morning handouts or pulling the window blinds on an extra sunny day. Always you will see him or her wearing a headset that connects them to the children’s classes throughout the morning. We hope to never see them using the AED! But you’ll agree it’s important for them to know what to do in the event one of us needs that kind of help.

If you’re curious about the job, Linda has openings for trainees who could serve as a backup from time to time. Here’s the job description. Contact Linda if you want to know more!