Bob Gilmore Memorial Service

Piano Prelude: David Gilmore
Three Haikus: Poems by Bob Gilmore; Music by Ben España
“I Found a Friend”: Bob Gilmore
Welcome and Prayer: Pastor Dick Sartwell
“His Eye Is on the Sparrow”: congregation, led by Mauri Macy
Life Story: Pastor Dick Sartwell (written by David Gilmore)
Photo Memories: Duet sung by Bob Gilmore and Ben España
“A Meditation from Thais”: Dwight and Flynn Gilmore on cellos
“My Tribute”: Gerardo Ibarra
Message: Pastor Paul Almquist
“O Glorious Love”: congregation, led by Mauri Macy
Psalm 72:18-19—music composed by David Gilmore, sung by family members
Closing prayer: Pastor Paul Almquist

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