Bill Green Memorial Service

In Loving Memory of
William D. Green
March 20, 1922 — April 13, 2015

Saturday, April 25, 2015 • 2 p.m. • Newberg Friends Church


William D. Green, alias Bill, was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on March 20, 1922, but lived in the suburbs of Cleveland for his first 25 years. His early church experiences were a combination of suburban church on Sunday morning and the Cleveland City Mission Sunday afternoon and evening, plus other days of the week. Throughout high school and beyond, he taught inner-city children on Sunday afternoon and was active in East Cleveland Friends Church both morning and evening.

When recorded as a Friends minister in 1944, he stated that he would serve as a minister, missionary, or Christian college teacher as the Lord and church led. He married Mary A. Strickland, who had similar commitments for life, on May 17, 1946. Both received masters’ degrees from Western Reserve University in the summer of 1947. Bill’s doctorate was from the University of Tennessee in the field of college administration, primarily curriculum and instruction.

At the time of marriage, Bill was a Friends pastor. However, at times he served as an interim pastor for Methodist, Friends, and Christian churches. In 1948, he taught in a college summer school, and then continued in Christian colleges in full-time work to 1984 and in part- time to December of 1992. He was a speaker for churches and colleges in twenty states. For three colleges he had a vice-president role, and

in one was an interim president for 15 months. Colleges served were Byran College in Dayton, Tennessee (1948-53), Taylor University in Upland,  ndiana (1954-62), Malone College in Canton, Ohio (1963- 1972), and George Fox College (now University) in Newberg, Oregon (1972-92).

Most important to Bill and Mary were their family members. Son Donald, who graduated from Princeton Seminary, became pastor of Reedwood Friends Church and died in 1982. Son David, who graduated from Harvard Law School, is a partner in a Portland law firm; he and his family attend Tigard Friends Church. He is chairman of the Board of Trustees of George Fox University. Their wives, Ellie and Ruth (both graduates of Malone College), plus six grandchildren (Jennifer, Chris, Jeremy, Nathan, Tom, and Rachael), and spouses (Karel, Tasha, Kacey, Mindy, and Kristina) are in attendance this afternoon. All grandchildren are college graduates. Twelve great- grandchildren (Kailey, Andrew, Brooklynn, Maddie, Kennedy, Ben, Peyton, Calvin, Josie, Preston, Morgan, and Mary Grace) complete the family.

A Tribute to Mary and Bill

To Professor and Mrs. William Donald Green, to Dr. and Mrs. Green, to Bill and Mary: teachers, role models, advisors—in short, mentors; and to dear friends with the fondest memories and deepest respect from a couple whose behaviors were modified and whose lives are changed because of the grand privilege of knowing you. We thank God for your presence in our lives. With thankfulness, gratitude, and much love,

Dorothy and Lamar Modert (September 1995)
Byran College students of 1948-53 era, Dayton, Tennessee

To My Husband

by Mary Green

As long as you are near me, dear,
My grateful heart is glad,
And I remember all the joys
And pleasures we have had.

The yesterdays of young delight
When skies were always blue
Because I had the happiness
Of being here with you.

The minutes made of magic and
The hours that we shared
Beginning with the moment when
You told me that you cared.

And when the dark and difficult
Became our lot to bear
I knew that we’d get through them
But all because we cared.

I treasure every memory
Beyond the stars that shine
And life is wonderful because
I know that you are mine.

Today I see the sunshine and
Tomorrow holds no fear
For I am happy in my heart
As long as you are here.

Always, Mary

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