Your NFC – June 24, 2016

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by Elizabeth Sherwood administrative pastor

by Elizabeth Sherwood
administrative pastor

Each Tuesday the pastoral team meets to plan worship gatherings, pray, discuss current ministry needs, and tackle business items. We also do a spiritual practice together. Several weeks ago our practice was to write thank-you cards to recognize folks among us for whom we were grateful. Big problem, however—twenty minutes allowed me just enough time to write a fraction of the notes needed to say thanks!  The pastoral team privileged to be released for ministry at NFC is very much aware that our community lives into the truth that we are all a part of the priesthood of believers. At every turn people serve others in this faith body, in their work place, in their families, and in their local community.

I want to take this brief moment to send a few deeply felt sentiments of gratitude to folks here at NFC.

One thank-you card goes out to a significant group in appreciation of the hours, sweat, and energy poured into making Friends Cemetery beautiful for the Memorial Day weekend. Mark Thompson, who ministers as the cemetery’s sexton, logged extra hours to prepare for the many guests who visit in the month of May. One of the many tasks Mark tackles is keeping the grass mowed. Within a short period of time, preferably when the grass is dry, he mows the entire cemetery. Then each headstone is trimmed by someone with a weed whacker, and afterward the grass clippings are blown off each marker. And because the grass grows quickly in the spring, not much time passes before the whole process begins again. Caring for the flower beds, mulching, and tree trimming are among the other projects volunteers take on. Special thanks to Jim Jackson, Jan Thompson, Jenny Song, Josh Nauman, Don Alexander, Victor Duran, Harlan Wooldridge, Carl Anderson, Jesse Dillow, the cemetery board, and the middle school youth group for your role in beautifying the grounds.

Several years ago, when Jim and Joyce Owens joined NFC, they brought with them the idea of all-church work days. For the last two years the trustees have hosted a fall and spring work morning, inviting folks to volunteer for a few hours here at the church. During the May work morning many tasks were accomplished: painting, parking lot clean up, vehicle detailing, kitchen spring cleaning, landscaping, de-cobwebbing, identifying electrical outlets, etc. A huge thank you to everyone who spent the morning caring for our facility.

There is a small team of ministers who are incredibly important but rarely seen. The audio technicians serve in the sound booth every Sunday morning. Alan Akins heads this team, which also includes Aaron Dunlop, Bryan Lee, Josh Nauman, Meira Lee, and Hayley Koskela. These folks also serve at weddings, memorial services, and special events. Their often-unnoticed work is appreciated by everyone in our gatherings. A thank you to this team for faithfully serving behind the scenes.

My thank yous could go on and on. How wonderful to be in a community where the list of people to thank is delightfully long.

Click HERE to read the entire June 24, 2016 issue.

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