Your NFC – June 2, 2017

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by Elizabeth Sherwood
administrative pastor

Yesterday was Memorial Day (as I write), and I sincerely hope Mark Thompson is taking the day off from serving as sexton of Newberg Friends Cemetery.

Four hosts during the Memorial weekend:
(l-r) Jan Thompson, Josh Nauman,
Mark Thompson, and Larry Anderson.

Mark, along with his wife, Jan, has just finished a long weekend of hosting nonstop guests at the cemetery. The week leading up to the holiday is a full schedule of mowing, pruning, and trimming around every headstone. The hours poured into landscaping and maintaining the cemetery are rewarded with the outpouring of gratitude expressed when visitors come by to pay respects to their family members or friends who are laid to rest at our cemetery.

This young man likes to help during the spring work day.

Mark spearheads the work and organizes the volunteers who generously give of their time. In the spring, the cemetery board, joined by other NFC folks, turns out for a work morning. They also take turns hosting during the weekend. Special thanks to Josh Nauman (clerk), Mark Martin, Jim Jackson, Karen Angus, Larry Anderson, Harlan Wooldridge, Jim Long, Brian Carlson, Steve Comfort, and Denise Lyman for serving on the cemetery committee. This year the Newberg Rotary Early Birds as well as Boy Scout Troop 525 also came out to volunteer.

Cemetery niche walls; preparation for placement of new ones in the forefront.

This spring the cemetery received an anonymous gift to purchase two needed niche walls that will serve our community and provide financial stability for the cemetery for years to come. The cemetery committee is humbly grateful for such a gift. The new walls will be available by early fall.

Click HERE to read the entire June 2, 2017 issue.

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