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by Steve Fawver, pastor spiritual health and care

by Steve Fawver, pastor
spiritual health and care

I had the opportunity to be at Twin Rocks for a few days of Sabbath in January. This provided many opportunities to walk on the beach in my old leather slip-on shoes. This pair finds its way onto my “packing list” every time I head to the coast. They are fairly waterproof and easy to slip on and off as I head out for a stroll beside the ocean. As you might imagine, the sand finds its way not only onto the outside, but it mysteriously works its way into, through, and around my size-twelve footwear, penetrating its very essence. Days and weeks later sand continues to show up even after I have returned to the normalcy of walking around home and our neighborhood here in Newberg. Sand is with me still.

As I reflect on my time away I notice a desire for the sand of God’s love and Sabbath rest to continue to show up as well. How might the rest I experienced enter the rhythm of life in the everyday of work, family, friendships, and even the challenges that come my way? I hope that I as an individual and we as a community might be so permeated with the deep love of God that we find it showing up in all of life. God invites us into places of Sabbath rest on a regular basis to remind us that we are not in charge, God’s power and love are sufficient, and our lives are created to flow in harmony with the loving Spirit active in the world right now. When I pull out my sandy shoes I hope they continue to call me to pray the following prayer for each of us here at NFC.

A Prayer of Rest

God, you invite us into your Sabbath rest.

A rest that is free and unencumbered by expectation, performance, or “oughts.”

A rest that is open and safe and pure.

A rest that is anchored in your deep sustaining love, power, and hope.

May we let go and receive your blessed rest.

May we let go and open ourselves to the river of life
that is flowing with freedom and power.

May we let go and settle into your trustworthy arms as your rest envelopes us with love.

I invite you to find ways to pray this prayer and live a life of love with God, who is with you right now. If you ever need to borrow my beach shoes, just give me a call. They are ready to go!

Click HERE to read the entire February 7, 2014 issue.

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