Your NFC – February 14, 2014

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by Josh Reid

by Josh Reid

Caring Hands Ministry in Dharwad, India, is a multifaceted ministry that seeks to reach the women and children trapped by the devadasi system (temple prostitution), giving families better futures through the power of Jesus Christ. In addition to providing a children’s home where the most vulnerable girls are given a chance for a more abundant life, Caring Hands Ministry also plants churches in the surrounding villages, provides after-school programs, and cares for communities of HIV+ Indians who have been shunned by their families. Please take a minute to watch a video that will introduce you to the problems the ministry responds to with God’s love and mercy.

Many of you have been committed to pray for the ministry of Arun and Shobha Massey and Caring Hands Ministry. So it seems good to give you this update on their ministry in the hopes that you will join me in redoubling your efforts to bring their lives and ministries before God in prayers.

• Joyful Children’s Home has now seen some of its girls graduate, go on to college, and find meaningful work that meets their needs and allows them to care for their mothers, who are devadasi. They have also opened a boys home to care for some of the sons of the devadasi.

1467262_758732567475075_875233865_n• The Christmas season was full of activity as they hosted their staff, made of overseers and children’s home caretakers, for a Christmas party. These faithful servants work in Dharwad along with pastors and HIV outreach workers who work in the villages surrounding Dharward.

• In January, on the way home from a ministry conference in Kolkata that 15 of the Caring Hands staff attended, Arun became seriously ill and ended up being hospitalized because of an enlarged and enflamed prostate. He is home now, recovering nicely, and slowly returning to normal activities. Arun will be returning to the doctor this week for some additional blood tests. Please pray for complete healing.

• The entire home was in a joyous uproar when they recently celebrated a wedding! Jyothi Rashmi, one of the older girls, is now married to a Christian young man who grew up attending one of the churches that Caring Hands Ministries planted in a village outside of Dharwad. Since weddings like this don’t happen every year, you can imagine how excited everyone was.

• Melissa Massey, birth daughter of Arun and Shobha, recently traveled to Amsterdam, Holland, to participate in a discipleship training school with YWAM (Youth With A Mission). Arun and Shobha are extremely proud of Melissa and excited for the ways God will use this experience to prepare her for work in God’s kingdom. Please pray for Melissa while she is away on this six-month international ministry adventure.1459706_10201412788975691_573813529_n

• Please continue to join the Masseys in praying for divine intervention with regard to the Joyful Children’s Home property. The non-profit organization that helped fund the building has had a dramatic change in leadership, which has compromised the relationship they had with Caring Hands and threatens to remove the property from underneath them. Caring Hands Ministry has offered to purchase the property and home from them, but an agreement has not been reached. They are feeling the need for God’s involvement.

If you are interested in the work of Caring Hands and would like to know more, check out their webpage here.

Click HERE to read the entire February 14, 2014 issue.

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