May 18, 2014: ‘This Is Love’ by Eric Muhr from 1 John 4

This Is Love by Eric Muhr from 1 John 4.

Leading us in worship today
NFC Brass—Dave Maurer, Michael Fawver, Barry Hagen, Howard Macy, Mauri Macy

worship ensemble—Craig McIndoo, John Johnson, Mark Martin, Walt Everly, David Sherwood Howard Macy, Stephen McKinney, Mauri Macy, Paul Fodge, Lisa Everly, Sara Grant, Wendy McIndoo, Cindy Johnson, Phyllis McKinney, Ginger Mackey, Carolyn Stansell, Carol Sherwood, Jo Lewis, Sherry Macy

Order of Worship

  1. “Let Us Worship”
  2. “Holy Is the Lord”
  3. “May the Mind of Christ” — worship ensemble
  4. Scripture: 1 John 4:7-12 — David Sherwood
  5. “Let Your Love Shine Through”
  6. “Though I May Speak with Bravest Fire”
  7. Worship in Giving
  8. Message: Eric Muhr “This Is Love” 1 John 4
  9. Open Worship
  10. Closing Prayer

Thank you, Mauri Macy!

We want to give our thanks and our blessing to Mauri Macy for faithfully and beautifully leading us into the presence of God as a congregation: Your gifts and skill as a musician have been exceeded only by your ability to not showcase those abilities, but rather to focus us on Jesus Christ. You’ve taught us about worship for decades, and we are grateful!

As we have planned a way for our congregation to say thanks, we have also listened to Mauri’s desire to “not make a big fuss.” A simple celebration fits and honors Mauri. On May 18, Mauri’s last Sunday leading worship, join us on the lawn for cake and coffee. We are encouraging people to bring written memories, thanks, and blessings to place in a basket for Mauri to read later. If you can’t be there on that day, you can bring the cards to the church office and we will deliver them on the 18th.

Please join us in thanking Mauri for his years of ministry with us at Newberg Friends Church!

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