June 7, 2015: ‘Nurturing Children’ by Jamie Johnson from Mark 9:33-37

Nurturing Children by Jamie Johnson from Mark 9:33-37.

Leading us in worship today
NFC Bells—Craig McIndoo, Susan Fawver, Liz Wood, Eryn McKee, Wendy McIndoo, Carolyn Stansell, Jan Cammack, Shannon Eoff, Linda Sartwell, Phil Nguyen, Kati McKee, Heidi Tschan

Gary Brown, Karen Scott, Nolan Staples

Order of Worship

  1. “Here I Am to Worship”
  2. “O Worship the King”
  3. “Blessed Be the Name”
  4. Commissioning Prayer for People in Summer Ministry
  5. Worship in Giving
  6. “To God Be the Glory”
  7. “I Will Call Upon the Lord”
  8. Message/Teaching: Jamie Johnson “Nurturing Children” Mark 9:33-37
  9. Open Worship
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