August 10, 2014: ‘Sexuality…In Context’ by Gregg Koskela from Matthew 5:27-32

Sexuality…In Context by Gregg Koskela from Matthew 5:27-32.

Leading us in worship today
Miriam Staples, Matthew Staples, Nolan Staples, Kati Mckee, Stephanie Fisher

Order of Worship

  1. Ministry Moment: Summer Camps
  2. “Lord, Most High”
  3. “What Does the Lord Require of You?”
  4. “None Like You” / “No Not One”
  5. “I Lift My Eyes Up”
  6. “Water Our Lives”
  7. Open Worship
  8. Message: Gregg Koskela “Sexuality…In Context” Matthew 5:27-32
  9. Closing Prayer
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