April 6, 2014: ‘Cloud of Witnesses—Evelyn Underhill’ and ‘Life with God—Adoration, Communion, Cooperation’ by Steve Fawver

Cloud of Witnesses—Evelyn Underhill and Life with God—Adoration, Communion, Cooperation by Steve Fawver from Psalm 117; 121; 139; Luke 18:9-14; Matthew 6:9-13.

Leading us in worship today
Davida Brown, Wendy McIndoo, Lisa Everly, Cindy Johnson, Sherry Macy, Mauri Macy

Order of Worship

  1. “Come Thou Fount”
  2. “For All the Saints”
  3. “The King of Love My Shepherd Is”
  4. Cloud of Witnesses—Evelyn Underhill
  5. Scripture: The Lord’s Prayer—Matthew 6:9-13
  6. “We Will Glorify”
  7. “Holy Spirit, Rain Down”
  8. Message: Steve Fawver “Life with God—Adoration, Communion, Cooperation” Psalm 117; 121; 139; Luke 18:9-14; Matthew 6:9-13
  9. Open Worship

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