April 23, 2017: ‘The Mystery of Creation’ by Becky Ankeny from Job 38:4

The Mystery of Creation by Becky Ankeny from Job 38:4.

Leading us in worship today
Susan Fawver, Gary Fawver, Davida Brown, Liz Dillow

Young Friends Singers: Andrew Boros, Abigail Brown, Ada Burg, Bridget Czarnecki, Elsie Dillow, Janie Dillow, Meika Dunlop, Esther Johnson, Eleanor Lamb, Janae McDonough, Keian McDonough, Jameson McDonough, Henry Shaw, Leigh Thomas

Order of Worship

  1. Prelude: Esther Muthiah
  2. Welcome/Greeting
  3. “Morning Has Broken”
  4. “All Good Creatures”
  5. Responsive Reading: Psalm 98:7-9
  6. “This Is Our Father’s World”
  7. “All Good Gifts”
  8. “For the Beauty of the Earth”
  9. Message/Teaching: Becky Ankeny “The Mystery of Creation” Job 38:4
  10. Open Worship
  11. “Let All Things Now Living”
  12. “We Sing the Greatness of Our God”
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