February 14, 2016: ‘Rend Your Heart’ by Gregg Koskela from Joel 2:12-13

Rend Your Heart by Gregg Koskela from Joel 2:12-13.

Leading us in worship today
Miriam Staples, Kati McKee, Stephanie Fisher, Matt Staples, Nolan Staples

NFC Bells—Craig McIndoo, Susan Fawver, Liz Wood, Eryn McKee, Wendy McIndoo, Jan Cammack, Heidi Tschan, Linda Sartwell, Stephanie Fisher, Kati McKee, Adair Goss, Lynn Robinson

Order of Worship

  1. “We Are Singing”
  2. “Stepping in the Light”
  3. “You Are My Hiding Place”
  4. “At All Times”
  5. Faithwalk: Ralph Beebe
  6. “I See the Lord”
  7. Open Worship
  8. Message/Teaching: Gregg Koskela “Rend Your Heart” Joel 2:12-13
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