January 29, 2017: ‘God at Work’ by Gregg Koskela from Galatians 1:18–2:10

God at Work by Gregg Koskela from Galatians 1:18–2:10.

Leading us in worship today
Bethany Lee

Order of Worship

  1. Scripture Reading: Galatians 2:20
  2. “Holy Spirit, Living Breath of God”
  3. “Teach Us to Listen”
  4. “Oceans”
  5. Prayer
  6. Worship in Giving
  7. Prayer Experience: Ephesians 3:14-21
  8. “The Heart of Worship”
  9. “God, Keep Our Eyes Fixed”
  10. Message/Teaching: Gregg Koskela “God at Work” Galatians 1:18–2:10
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