November 15, 2015: ‘Pray’ by Steve Fawver from James 5:13-20

Pray by Steve Fawver from James 5:13-20.

Leading us in worship today
Karen Scott, Jeremy Zander, Kati McKee, Nolan Staples
worship ensemble—Craig McIndoo, John Johnson, Mark Martin, Carol Sherwood, Carolyn Stansell, Sara Grant, Wendy McIndoo, Cindy Johnson, Corban Harwood, Paul Fodge, Nancy Thurston, Terri Bowen, Kati McKee
NFC Bells—Craig McIndoo, Susan Fawver, Liz Wood, Eryn McKee, Wendy McIndoo, Carolyn Stansell, Jan Cammack, Susan Hampton, Linda Sartwell, Stephanie Fisher, Kati McKee

Order of Worship

  1. Prelude: NFC Bells – “Call to Worship”
  2. Welcome/Greeting: Elizabeth Sherwood
  3. Ministry Moment: International Students, Loren Van Tassel
  4. “Come Ye Sinners”
  5. “How Great Is Our God”
  6. “Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone”
  7. “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms”
  8. Worship in Giving
  9. Message/Teaching: Steve Fawver “Pray” James 5:13-20
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