November 1, 2015: ‘If it Is the Lord’s’ Will by Steve Fawver from James 4:13-17

If it Is the Lord’s Will by Steve Fawver from James 4:13-17.

Leading us in worship today
Jeremy Huwe, Nolan Staples, Rusty St. Cyr, Liz Dillow, Matt Staples, Jon Roberts

Order of Worship

  1. Prelude: Karen Scott
  2. Welcome/Greeting
  3. “O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus”
  4. Responsive Reading: Psalm 25
  5. “Open the Eyes of My Heart”
  6. “Forever Reign”
  7. Ministry Moment: Sabbath by the Sea; Hank Helsabeck
  8. *Worship in Giving
  9. “Bless His Holy Name”/”10,000 Reasons”
  10. “Your Will”
  11. Message/Teaching: Steve Fawver “If it Is the Lord’s Will” James 4:13-17
  12. Open Worship
  13. “Your Will” (reprise)
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