October 4, 2015: ‘Screen Door on a Submarine’ by Gregg Koskela from James 2:14-19

Screen Door on a Submarine by Gregg Koskela from James 2:14-19.

Leading us in worship today
Nolan Staples, Howard Macy, Michael Fawver, Tyler Gerdin, Erik Bay, Matthew Staples

Order of Worship

  1. “Hear My Cry”
  2. Welcome/Greeting: Elizabeth Sherwood
  3. Ministry Moment: Edwards Food Bag/Books
  4. “Mightier”
  5. “Coram Deo”
  6. Worship in Giving
  7. “Be Thou My Vision”
  8. “There’s a Wideness”
  9. Open Worship
  10. Message/Teaching: Gregg Koskela “Screen Door on a Submarine” James 2:14-19
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