NWYM Restructuring Process

4/9/17 Update: Here is a link to the results of the survey data, and here is a link to the prayer guide for April 10-23.

Because of the yearly meeting decision to restructure, all churches have decisions to make. NFC could remain a part of NWYM, which will be organized around the current Faith and Practice statement regarding human sexuality. Or NFC could leave NWYM. In this restructuring period, churches that leave keep ownership of buildings and property.

If NFC leaves NWYM, we could choose to join a yet-to-be-formed new yearly meeting, which will be organized around a new Faith and Practice that affirms full participation of LGBTQ people and likely would affirm same-sex marriage. Or NFC could choose to be an independent Friends congregation, choosing non-official relationships and partnerships with camps, global outreach ministries, and Friends churches in both NWYM and the newly formed yearly meeting.

To read the “Discernment Process Information” document, click HERE.

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